FHCon Joins Picturepark Partner Network

Aarau, Switzerland – 26 February 2014 – FHCon is now a certified partner of digital asset management (DAM) software provider Picturepark, of Switzerland. FHCon will offer Picturepark development and migration services to current and new Picturepark customers and, in some cases, to Picturepark itself. Among FHCon’s strengths is the technical knowhow to migrate customers away from older digital asset management systems, which is an increasingly requested service that Picturepark has already leveraged.

“FHCon lead the effort to migrate Bertelsmann Stiftung (Foundation) from their previous DAM to Picturepark,” said Picturepark EMEA Sales Director, Philip Axmann. “Efficiently moving data between DAM systems without data loss requires a knowledge of both systems. FHCon has experience with several other DAMs, and we need this expertise right now.”

FHCon was able to build, test and get final approval for the Bertelsmann Stiftung Picturepark all within the Picturepark Cloud, even though the system was destined for on-premise deployment on Bertelsmann Stiftung servers. Once the system was built and the assets and metadata were migrated, FHCon moved the new Picturepark system to Bertelsmann Stiftung servers. Ultimately, users were without DAM access for only a few hours.

FHCon also managed Picturepark configuration and on-boarding services for Germany construction giant Xella. This job posed an entirely different challenge: migrating assets and users away from a file-server based workflow.

The FHCon website was updated to feature the company’s new association with Picturepark and to better showcase its diverse service offerings. See the new website and learn more about FHCon at http://FHCon.de

Learn more about Picturepark at http://picturepark.com