Picturepark Buys DAM Foundation Training for New Customers

Aarau, Switzerland – 20 January 2015 – An educated DAM user is a happy DAM user, according to digital asset management (DAM) software maker Picturepark®, which has announced that it will pay for DAM Foundation certification training for new customers.

“DAM Foundation has made a quality DAM certification course available online for the first time,” according to Picturepark marketing director, David Diamond. “By offering DAM training to new customers, we encourage them to increase their DAM knowledge and take that knowledge back to their organizations.”

The DAM Foundation course is an online-only program that works well for working professionals because students can study when they have time. The program comprises six lessons that are intended to prepare students for careers in Digital Asset Management.

Students are mentored throughout their studies by Elizabeth Keathley, who authored the course materials in cooperation with the DAM Foundation Education Committee, which consists of Mark Davey, Henrik de Gyor, Deb Fanslow, Emily Kolvitz and Jeff Lawrence.

“There isn’t a weak link on the DAM Foundation Education Committee,” Diamond said, himself a respected DAM educator who has authored DAM Survival Guide and Picturepark’s acclaimed DAM eBook series. “There are a lot of materials on the Web that promise DAM education, but most of them are garbage. I have no doubt that anything that comes from this team is going to be top notch.”

The offer will be extended to customers who purchased Picturepark in December of 2014, Diamond said.

“We acquired a number of new customers last month. It wouldn’t feel right to thank them for their business by not including them in this.”

Picturepark is known for its efforts to promote digital asset management education. The company started DAM Guru Program in 2013, launched the #LearnDAM educational initiative in 2014, and it dedicates a large portion of its website to vendor-neutral DAM education content.

DAM Guru Program has published a feature article about the program that includes interviews with DAM Foundation students.

Learn more about Picturepark: https://picturepark.com

Learn more about the DAM Foundation: http://DAMFoundation.org