Digital Asset Management for Museums

Digital asset management for museums is made complete by connecting Zetcom Museum Plus to Picturepark digital asset management software. When using both, museums have complete DAM solutions that work across the entire organization.

Exhibiting the Best of Both Worlds

By pairing Picturepark digital asset management software with Zetcom Museum Plus, you’re able to manage the digital versions of your collections using all the controls you’d expect from an innovative DAM system like Picturepark.

Digital Asset Management for Museums
Digital Asset Management for Museums

And you’re able to reach a much wider audience too. While Museum Plus helps you manage and present your physical collections to onsite visitors, Picturepark extends the reach of those collections to the entire planet. Why not leverage all those photo, video and audio representations of the physical works?

Making digital files available online is easy and taking them down again is easy too. You always have total control over what everyone sees.

Exhibits that Promote Themselves

Your online exhibits are the perfect place to send people when you want to inspire them to visit your physical collections. Virtual visitors can browse, search and preview the files you want them to see, and you can publish links on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or any other social media site you choose.

You can of course also send links to your newsletter subscribers, and post links to entire collections or individual files, right from your website or blog. Best of all, your online collections can remain available indefinitely, always serving to drive traffic to your museum or archive.

Leverage your New Digital Gift Shop

Add eCommerce to the mix and you’ve got a new source of revenue that starts subsidizing your costs long before you first visitor ever walks through your front door. (And long after too.)

Enable visitors to browse and buy full resolution versions of photos or videos, or even choose the designs they like best for on-demand ordering of t-shirts and other souvenirs through your fulfillment house.

If licensing imagery for commercial purposes is an option to you, Picturepark can help you manage that process too.

Easy-to-use DAM that Works

Picturepark and Museum Plus work together so seamlessly, it’s hard to know where one ends and the other begins. There isn’t much new for you or your staff to learn, so training will be minimal.

Digital Asset Management for Museums
Digital Asset Management for Museums

The enterprise-friendly, standards-compliant design of Picturepark ensures it will be welcomed welcomed by the folks in your IT department. If you don’t have an IT department, that’s no trouble either: Picturepark can be run in the Cloud, managed completely for you by the Picturepark company or one of our global partners.

In fact, Picturepark is the only professional digital asset management software integrated with Museum Plus that can be run onsite, in the Cloud or as a hybrid.

Leverage the flexible, friendly design of Picturepark to extend the reach of your collections, and the reputation of your institution.