Global Digital Asset Distribution to Subsidiaries

International organizations can benefit from a single digital asset management portal through which they distribute marketing, communications, support and other materials to subsidiaries that speak multiple languages. Picturepark makes the process easy.

Distribution Controls

You can control which digital assets Picturepark makes available for distribution using metadata values and/or user rights (permission) templates. Plan your digital asset releases based on time, approvals or virtually anything else.

Thanks to the granular permissions that are included with every Picturepark, you can control every user’s access to every asset. This enables you to make some assets available for internal production and use, while ensuring that partners and other external users won’t see them before the time is right.

Among the search features Picturepark offers is the ability to find assets based on their current permissions. So you can always quickly see which assets are available for public or partner access, and instantly make any permissions changes you need.

If your Picturepark will serve multiple stakeholders, such as subsidiaries, departments or clients, it’s easy to make sure that each stakeholder sees only its own assets, and you can even share assets between stakeholders, whenever needed.

“Push” and “Pull” Distribution

Picturepark offers features that enable you to manage “push” and “pull” distributions, also referred to as “outbound marketing” and “inbound marketing,” respectively.

User-initiated file sharing – Any permitted user can share one or more files with one or more recipients. Sharing users determine what recipients can do with the files, and recipients don’t need Picturepark accounts. Files are picked up via branded portals that enable asset previews, metadata viewing and the downloading of all included versions. The files included in a share can be changed at any time by the sharing user or the Picturepark administrator. If the content of a shared file is updated, the new version is automatically made available via the share link.

Published links that are editable – If your inbound marketing strategy includes making content available via published links, Picturepark makes it easy for you to always offer “fresh” content to your market. Using the same sharing feature used to share assets between users, you can create share links for social media, PDFs, QR codes or any other source you need.

If you want to set expiration dates on your links, you can. You can even require a password for access. Best of all, you never have to distribute new links because you can change the content of previous shares at any time. It’s perfect for press or sales kits, documentation, training materials and more. Imagine the benefits of having always point to a collection of your more recent digital assets that’s delivered via a nicely branded download portal.

Language Versioning

Multi-language distributions are simplified in Picturepark because a single link leads to all versions you make available. Users choose the version they want, and you can add new versions or update existing versions at any time, without sending new links.

Asset Ordering/Requesting

In order to encourage digital asset purchases, or just maintain better control over who can download what, you can offer “browse” access that doesn’t permit users to download files directly. When users see something they want, they can request it right from the Picturepark user interface. The person responsible for the asset is notified with an email that makes it easy to approve or deny the request. The requesting user is automatically notified.

Combine this feature with published links that lead to specific collections of assets you want to promote. Users see the assets you want them to see, and they can order any assets they need.

Automated Distributions

When distributions should be based on embargo dates or workflow stage changes, Picturepark can automatically adjust an asset’s rights (permissions) to make it available. This is perfect for press releases or marketing materials developed to support a future product release.

It’s also useful when your Creative team is working on new materials for your sales force. The moment an asset has been approved by your marketing and sales directors, for example, it could be pushed to your sales force or partner channel via Dropbox or another distribution channel.

You can also recall a distribution by taking an asset offline when, for example, its license has expired or someone has found a problem with the content. Make the changes you need and Picturepark can put it right back online at the same link that was used before.

Download Statistics

In order to measure the success of your distributions, Picturepark shows you real-time statistics for views, downloads and more. Statistics are available for named users and anonymous guests too. You can see statistics for an asset in general, and you can see statistic for specific shares. This enables you send one link out on Twitter and another on Facebook, and be able to determine which is driving the most traffic to your site.

If you conduct A/B testing by sending out different documents via multiple links, you can update your laggard collections to include the assets that are working better for you in your most popular links. This way, “bad” collections are never left published for long.

Digital asset management is great for controlling assets, but the right DAM system can also become a powerful tool for the distribution of those digital assets. Picturepark offers many features to make distribution easy, and additional distribution channels are added to the software over time. Two of the more popular distribution channels available for Picturepark today (in addition to email) are Dropbox and YouTube.