Picturepark Moléson Release | Dec 2022

Features improved user experience in Schemas, Channels & Terms of Service.

A new version of the Picturepark Content Platform will be released.

Version: Picturepark Moléson (11.5) released on 3-Dec-2022 (TBC)
Main changes: Improved User Experience in Schemas, Channels & Terms.

Moleson at 2002m high, overseeing Gruyère region in the canton of Fribourg.
Moleson at 2002m high, overseeing Gruyère region in the canton of Fribourg. License: Alain Rouiller 2017, Flickr.com

The Moléson (French: Le Moléson at 2002 metres lies at the northern end of the Swiss foothills between Lake Geneva and the Sarine valley. The mountain overlooks the Gruyère region in the canton of Fribourg. This gorgeous Gothic medieval town is known for its namesake cheese, excellent chocolate, and a 13th-century fairy tale castle that houses the HR Giger Museum and its famous "Alien" sketches. It may be more appealing to fans of Christmas to visit the stunning Christmas market, enjoying artisan wares amid choirs of carol singers and roasted chestnut stalls.

Release Details

Please note that these release notes are preliminary; they are therefore not binding and subject to change. Any significant changes, which will be fully binding, will be made available during the week of the official release

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Release Summary Video showing improved user experience in Schemas, Channels & Content Item Detail.

Schema Management.

Schema Management.

Picturepark schemas represent your data model, like content types, copyright information and product data like codes and other product attributes.

Details Schema Management.

Channel & Terms of Service.

Channel & Terms of Service.

In addition to better grouping of settings, the interface for configuring channels and Terms of Service is more intuitive.

Details Channel & Terms of Service.

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Further Notable Changes.
Changes To API & SDKs.

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