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Switzerland +41 62 836 40 40

Austria +43 2252 253237

US: +1 (585) 326-9984

Elsewhere +41 62 836 40 40

Email for general inquires that reach all offices for information about products, pricing, invoicing, contracting and partner certifications for help with marketing operations, including downloads and signups for information regarding press announcements, and to schedule interviews and appearances


Picturepark administration, services, R&D and executive offices are located in Aarau, Switzerland. The Aarau offices are less than an hour from Zürich by train, and they are easy to reach from virtually all locations across Switzerland.


Picturepark Headquarters

Vision Information Transaction AG
Zollrain 12
CH-5000 Aarau, Switzerland

Phone +41 62 836 40 40

Fax +41 62 836 40 44

Sales and support for the Americas are managed from Picturepark’s Chicago offices.

Picturepark US

200 S. Wacker Drive, Suite 1375
Chicago, IL 60606

Phone +1 (585) 326-9984

Sales for Europe, the Middle East and Asia are managed from Picturepark’s Austrian office, which is located just outside of Vienna.

Picturepark Austria

Vision Information Transaction AG
Kaiser Franz Ring 40/3
AT-2500 Baden near Vienna

Phone +43 2252 253237