Picturepark Team

Experienced, long-term thinking and responsible.


Anne Gretland – Anne is CEO of FotoWare since 2017. Before she was as COO of Compello Group responsible for structuring and organizing the cooperation between the three Compello offices in Germany, Norway, and Sweden. Before she joined Compello, Gretland had several leadership positions in Microsoft Norway and Western Europe HQ. Additionally, Gretland is one of the founders of ODA, Nordic’s largest network for women in technology, leading it for more than ten years.

She completed her education in communications, marketing, and leadership in USA and Norway. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

Chairman of the Board

Jostein Vik – Jostein is a Partner and co-founder of Viking Venture. He is passionate about technology and his expertise in business strategy and commercialization has time after time driven results for fast-growing software scale-ups. Jostein has over 20 years of experience in the software industry. He has lived and worked in Sweden and the US. Before joining Viking, Jostein worked with business development and M&A at Carlsberg Breweries, Lilleborg, Orkla Media and Orkla ASA.

Jostein has an MSc in Business from the Norwegian Business School. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

Director of Global Business Development

Philip Axmann – Philip Axmann’s interest in technology started as a the son of director in the Ministry of Science, and it was through home Internet access that Axmann developed a fascination with the rest of the world. While attending Austria’s University of Applied Management Sciences, he was accepted to international study programs twice—once in New York City and the other in Auckland, New Zealand.

After graduating with a Master’s Degree in Corporate Governance and e-Business Management, Axmann took a job with Bank Austria from where he then changed to Celum, heading the company’s international sales efforts.

Axmann joined Picturepark in 2011, and lives with his wife and two kids near Vienna. Connect with him on LinkedIn and Xing.

General Manager

Ramon Forster – Ramon Forster’s career began as a freelance journalist for the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation and other newspapers and magazines. During this time, he co-founded and directed programming for Swiss regional radio broadcaster “Kanal K”, as well as founding other organizations and ventures. He later moved into the field of Information Technology where he has remained since.

Forster joined Picturepark in 2005 as the company’s head of marketing and sales. He was appointed CEO in early 2011, until he became General Manager after the aquisition of Picturepark. He lives with his wife and six kids in the Swiss countryside, where he enjoys running, swimming, and the surrounding nature.

Forster holds a BSc in Economics from University of Berne, Switzerland. Connect with him on LinkedIn and Xing.