Picturepark Breithorn Release | Jun 2020

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Picturepark Content Platform is released in its newest version:

  • Version: Breihorn Release (10.6)
  • Date: 06-June-2020 (TBC)
  • Platform: {name}.picturepark.com
  • Main changes:
    • Federated authentication with OpenID Connect
Hotfix Details

Beginning with this release, we will highlight our heritage by starting to refer to each new release of the Picturepark Content Platform with the name of a Swiss mountain. The Picturepark staff have selected Breithorn for this release, with a vote share of around 75%. The Breithorn is part of a mountain range in the Pennine Alps, located in the Swiss canton Valais. With an elevation of 4,164 m (13,661 ft), it is considered an easy to climb 4,000m Alpine peak, due to the Klein Matterhorn cable car, which lifts hikers up close to the top. Jean Gras was one of the first to climb the Breithorn in 1813. He manufactured automobiles for a living, presenting them in 1924 at the Salon event in France. We think he would probably have liked the powerful capabilities of the Picturepark Breithorn Release to manage and publish his product information.

Release Summary

Please note that these release notes are currently in a preliminary state; they are therefore not binding and subject to change. A final version, which will be fully binding, will be made available during the week of the official release.

Notable changes include:

  • Support for federated authentication via Open ID Connect (OIDC): Admins can enable federated authentication to provide single sign-on (SSO) via OIDC, with support for ADFS 4.0 on Windows Server 2016 (or higher) for users with role mapping (incl. fallback), and mapping of user attributes. Azure AD is scheduled for a subsequent minor release.
  • User Management improvements: Admins can manage users with better user selection, locking/inviting/assigning roles to users in batches, and will find better indications about the status of the user e.g. federated or locked.
  • Download multiple dynamic custom formats: Users can download multiple dynamic custom formats at once, and become notified once the download is ready, if it takes longer to complete.
  • Transparency for outputs based on vector graphic: Vector graphics are now treated as their own file type, providing more flexibility in transparency options, when configuring output formats.
  • Improved business rule configuration: Admins can configure business rules using new conditions “NOT” and “field empty”, transformations supporting “split by” and accessible trace logs for easier debugging.
  • “View for all” permission per output format: users with access to output formats sourced from the original can download such formats, even without original access.
  • Sharepoint Connector (3rd party software) can pick content from Sharepoint Online libraries populated via the Content Platform and directly integrate content (“Sharepoint Connector”).

Release Summary

This release introduces support for 3rd party identity providers based on OpenID Connect, tracing for Business Rule setup that allows easy debugging and further improvements and bug fixing. With half of efforts in feature development and the other half in bug fixing the stability and reliability of the Content Platform is ensured.

Notable changes include:

  • Support for federated IAM and SSO via Open ID Connect (OIDC): Admins can enable federated single sign-on (SSO) via OIDC with support for ADFS 4.0, Azure AD (and potentially other IDP) for users with role mapping (incl. fall back), and more.
  • User Management improvements: Admins can manage users with better user selection, locking/inviting/assigning roles to users in batches, and see additional user information.
  • Improve business rule configuration and testing: Admins can configure business rules using new conditions "NOT" and "field empty," better trace errors, and more.
  • Improve Angular/Typescript SDK, Microsites: Developers can use a gallery sample for filtering content via the query string, enjoy improved documentation for Angular and Fetch SDKs, and more.

Changes to System Limitations

  • An input limitation in text and translated text fields has been overcome and you can save, search, update and view values of any length. The ElasticSearch limitation for keyword fields only applies to exact searches, so searching for the exact values with more than 8191 characters (two A4 pages of text) on text and translated text fields are not treated as exact searches. You will find the content but from tokenized values.
  • The download of multiple Content Items is limited to 1000 Content Items, not Outputs. You can download 1000 Content Items with each 20 outputs and get a zip file with 20000 files, but you cannot request to download output from more than 1000 Content Items.

Known Issues

Here is a list of known issues that users should be aware of when using the Content Platform. If you encounter any other issues than those listed below, then please contact Picturepark Support.

  • Channel: For customers with huge amounts of data and indexed metadata, the filters may show the approximate amount of items and not the total amount. The Content Browser shows the correct count. This error is an ElasticSearch error on bucket count. The numbers can be corrected by reducing the splitting of data to ElasticSearch shards but the shard reduction can only be done by Picturepark, as the option to update the numbers yourself has been removed with this release.
  • It is possible to create a filter in the Content Browser with the ID "language" but the filter will not display correctly in the Content Browser. Avoid the creation of filters with ID language.
  • The Batch Editor for List Items does not display a horizontal scroll for list items with a lot of fields in the browsers Edge and Firefox.
  • An editor cannot save edits in batch edit mode for any layers if a layer is present which she has only “view only” permissions on. The single edit mode in the Batch Editor works just fine.
  • Text in multiline fields is not formatted correctly and causes line breaks in between words without hyphens as well as removing line breaks completely.
  • Layers that have been assigned and unassigned are no longer showing up for selection in the Layer dropdown.
  • The advanced query to search for “layer not assigned” (-layerSchemaIds:LayerId) or “field has not the value” (-fieldId:value) will also return all Content Items with extracted full text (documents). By forcing the query to execute on metadata only (add &searchType=Metadata) the result is correct. Use the query -layerSchemaIds:LayerId&searchType=Metadata to get correct results.

Bug Fixes

  • The email templates sent from Picturepark were optimized by adding missing information (user, URL, dates, etc.) and line breaks and formatting has been improved.
  • The display of multi-line text fields in fieldsets is now fixed. Previously it was breaking the UI by exceeding panel sizes.
  • The validation of IDs when importing list items have been extended to ensure that the same IDs do not exist already, causing errors in the system.
  • The display and entering of dates is fixed. The date you entered in the metadata was correctly saved but the component displayed the wrong date following your computers’ regional settings.
  • When adding a new field to a schema and setting it required immediately the field could never be updated afterward. This behavior was corrected and new required fields can be edited like any other field.
  • When importing a schema from JSON a popup asks the user to select if the schema should be created with items. Before an editor could select the desired approach the popup disappeared. This has been fixed.
  • The context menu of schemas is now always displayed correctly. Previously the context menu was flickering and sometimes empty.
  • The date field has been updated to show the correct shortened value for March in German: Mrz. The month was displayed with German umlauts (März) which Picturepark didn’t recognize as correct date input.
  • Excel Roundtripping App:
    • The trigger field values (triggered at, triggered by) are now displayed correctly which was not the case in the last release. This way trigger values can be used to identify the latest approved items or items tagged by the content authority.
    • The export of tagbox values of Content or List Items is now possible without having access to the referenced list. This was misbehavior which required you to have access to the referenced list for exporting the tagbox values. It is still required to have access to that referenced list when editing.
    • The metadata import or list item update has been corrected to also work for tags with number fields. This was a bug.
    • Breadcrumbs in Lists are now linked and displayed correctly, so you can jump back to the list browser from within the list item browser.
  • Batch Editor
    • Editing list items and using facets for selection is now possible again, as it was not possible to edit list items after working with facets in the Batch Editor before.
    • The checkbox field value "false" (unchecked or never checked) is displaying “false” now as value, previously it was displayed as “no values” which is only partially true.
    • Additional labeling and tooltip improvements to simplify the editing process.
  • Microsite Content Portal
    • Content Portal: Output formats in Edge & Firefox are faster available for selection in the download dialogue. Before it took around 1min until formats loaded in the download dialog.
    • Content Picker: Additional styling improvements including the toolbar on mobile which is now on one line only, aligned metadata boxes, and color changes.
    • Content Portal: The dashboard is now correctly displayed to admins and editors, and no longer throws an exception when power users with admin permissions try to access the portal.
  • Cookie notice: (in Edge browser) after accepting cookie notices in one tab and refreshing the notice was still displayed in another tab. The behavior is now correct and accepted cookie notices are marked as accepted.
  • Tagbox field: (in Mozilla browser) The item filter for a tagbox, to limit the tags displayed for selection while editing, can be generated from default values of this tagbox (using the Monaco Editor). The item filter is now correctly displayed, and no longer hidden like in the last version.
  • Notifications: The frontend notifications showing now details about auto-tagging failures, which details were previously not displayed.
  • Notifications: The messages in notifications can be copied as text now.
  • Shares: Icons for not rendered files are displaying correctly now.
  • Notifications: Error messages now shown as an expandable tree view.
  • The Content Picker opens in the correct device mode, so mobile settings apply on mobile devices and on desktops, even with smaller screens, desktop settings are applied. The mobile view was opened on smaller resolution screens.

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