Picturepark User Interface

Easy, fast access to Picturepark via desktops and mobile

The Picturepark front end is a lightweight interface that enables users to search, share and download any content inside Picturepark.

Adaptive “Responsive” Layouts

Picturepark adapts on the fly to different screen sizes. So whether users connect via desktop, tablet or phone, the interface is clear, easy to use and appropriate for the connecting device.

Picturepark DAM WorldPort User Interface on mobile, tablet and desktop

Just like you see with some websites, the Picturepark layout adapts to the screen size of the connected user. So users can get work done while they’re on the road, even if all they have is a phone.

Easy Access without Training

Picturepark was designed to enable casual users to access and use Picturepark with zero training. Based on interface concepts common across the Web, Picturepark presents a user experience that’s immediately familiar.

The facets panel (left) adapts to the current selection so that all options shown make sense. By hovering over a thumbnail, permitted users can view content details, and download, share or add the content to the basket.

Users can search for content, use sidebar filters to refine results, see metadata details and previews, and download or share content. The content accessible to each user is based on Picturepark permissions management, so content managers have complete control over what’s seen via Picturepark.

Picturepark Content Details gives overview

The Picturepark front end is ideal for:

  • Customers who need access to documentation or other product materials
  • Sales teams who need mobile-ready access to price lists and presentations
  • Agencies that need access to campaign materials pre-approved for their use
  • Press professionals who need media kits and other corporate information

You can also make your Picturepark accessible to internal users who want simple, fast mobile access to Picturepark for sharing and promoting your content across their social networks.

Fast Performance from Anywhere

Picturepark’s lightweight design enables users across in the world to access Picturepark without performance concerns. Without the additional cost content distribution networks (CDN), users can find, download or share assets from anywhere to anywhere, using computers, tablets or phones.

Share to Social Media

Users can share content to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media, or embed links in PDFs, presentations or other materials. Shared links connect to configurable landing pages, so guests see the branding you want. Statistics enable you to see how many times a link was clicked and how many times your content was downloaded.

Picturepark DAM content sharing to social channels

From the Picturepark landing page, users can share and reshare content to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, via email or by copying a direct link that can be placed anywhere.

Sharing Content from Picturepark

No Mobile App Required

A single portal that works on Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, MacOS or any other platform frees users from having to download apps. It saves IT teams from having to make network and policy exceptions to permit apps to connect to internal systems, or to enable users to install apps on company devices.