DAM Connector for WoodWing

Increase the power and reach of your WoodWing publishing system by adding Picturepark, the only digital asset management software suitable for high-volume WoodWing publishing workflows.

  • WoodWing LogoManage the entire lifecycle of your content, from creation and publication, to archive and resurrection
  • Conduct digital asset reviews and approvals without additional tools
  • Leverage unused photos for follow-up publications

Why Picturepark is the Best DAM for WoodWing

It’s no secret that WoodWing needs a DAM component to be truly functional. And while there are several DAMs available that integrate with WoodWing, only Picturepark DAM is suitable for high-volume productions that require enterprise-class performance and reliability.

  • Picturepark is the only DAM available for WoodWing that offers your choice of Cloud, onsite or hybrid deployment options. This means you get the DAM you need on your terms—no compromises. If you want to run onsite for works-in-production and leverage the Cloud for multi-channel asset distribution, only Picturepark offers the flexibility you need.
  • Content Station and InDesign users can access Picturepark right from the interfaces they already know. Other users throughout your organization access Picturepark using a modern, browser-based interface that’s fast, friendly and uncluttered. No clunky desktop clients are required to use Picturepark.
  • When it comes to performance and reliability, no other DAM available for WoodWing offers the enterprise-readiness of Picturepark. Built-in support for failoverclustering and load-balancing ensures even the most demanding, high-volume productions stay on track.
  • Picturepark is based on SQL, the same type of database used by WoodWing. This enables Picturepark to deliver scalable performance using industry standard technologies that IT departments approve and appreciate, and it enables you to leverage hardware, software and IT knowledge you already have. Don’t trust proprietary databases, or indexing engines that were built for simple text searching.

Content Life-cycle Management

Your content has histories and futures that must be managed outside of your digital publishing workflows. Picturepark helps you manage the entire content lifecycle of all your digital assets—not just those placed in WoodWing dossiers. Conduct reviews and approvals from within Picturepark, automate the handoff of approved assets to WoodWing, and even archive your WoodWing-created digital publications.

Picturepark becomes a global, enterprise-wide hub for all your content—no matter where it comes from or where it needs to go.

How Picturepark DAM Makes WoodWing Better

Picturepark makes it easy to share and repurpose your content with other departments and systems inside or outside of your organization. Your Web development team will have access to the images they need to promote your publications, and your IT department will have access to the images they need to include in your ecommerce system used to sell your work. Best of all, they can access what they need without bothering your designers.

Picturepark creates and delivers the derivative formats most appropriate, and it’s easy to define rules that govern access and usage restrictions for publications or issues, which is imperative when you work with rights-managed images.

Photos that don’t get chosen for publication can be easily used for other purposes, which helps you get more out of your photo session and licensing investments.

Self-service File Uploads that Trigger Workflows

Photographers or agencies can use Picturepark to upload the files you need, so no time is wasted. No matter where they are, Picturepark is never more than an Internet connection away. Automated workflows can be triggered automatically by upload actions, so notices are sent and pre-selects and retouches occur on schedule.

Once inside Picturepark, everything is tracked, so you’ll always know where assets came from, and you’ll never lose track of where they are or where they need to go next.

Safe digital asset selections

In order to keep dossiers manageable, you don’t pack them with every asset you have. But sometimes what’s been added just doesn’t work in the layout or story. With Picturepark on the backend, art directors, photo editors or page designers can browse Picturepark for alternate choices, right from within InDesign or Content Station. They won’t see what they’re not permitted to use, so there’s no concern about the wrong asset getting placed. If an approval is required to use the preferred asset, Picturepark can manage that too.

WoodWing-savvy Picturepark Partners

The Picturepark partner network includes prominent WoodWing partners that are ready and able to help you make the most of the two leading systems. From consultation to sales to installation and training, contacting a respected partner that knows WoodWing and Picturepark just makes sense.