DAM Connector for Adobe Creative Cloud

Access digital assets right from within InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator.

  • Creative Cloud LogoFind the perfect file when you need it, where you need it
  • Upload new assets right into Picturepark
  • See when placed files have been updated in Picturepark

Preserve Adobe Creative Suite Workflows

When artists are working in the Adobe Creative Suite, the last thing they want is to leave that environment to get files from digital asset management software. The Picturepark Creative Connector enables Adobe CS artists to find and place any image they need, without ever leaving their creative apps.

New files can be uploaded to Picturepark from Adobe CS applications, and users can even check out and update files that have already been added to Picturepark. Creative Connector works equally well on Mac and Windows, and it works with the Cloud and on-premise (installed) versions of Picturepark.

Change Notifications to Keep Files in Sync

When placed files have been updated in Picturepark, Creative Connector users are notified via the Picturepark palette. Options are available for updating local works with the update files, so it’s easier to keep works in progress in sync with changes made by other users.

InDesign-friendly Document Design

Taking things further for InDesign users, the Creative Connector lets you check out and edit complete layouts, or create new files based on templates. Low-resolution “FPO” image derivatives can be downloaded so you can see what your layout will look like without having to download lots of high-resolution images.

You’ll see a list of all files included in your layouts, and a little red or green light will keep your informed of any changes that other users have made to the files that are inside your layouts. When you check out or download a layout for editing, Creative Connector will even check to see if the local FPO image files need to be updated to reflect changes made to those master files.

If you’ve placed local files into your layouts, Picturepark will check for duplicates when you upload or check in the layouts, and permit you to handle the situation as you see fit.

InDesign Packages for Easier Organization

Users inside Picturepark will see virtual InDesign packages in which all files used in a layout will be found. This is a great way to work with all required files at once, such as when you are preparing for printing or archive.