DAM Connector for YouTube

Leverage the world’s most popular video sharing service for Picturepark video distribution and streaming.

  • Set YouTube description, tags and other values in Picturepark
  • Choose upload and take-down dates
  • Stream YouTube video through your Picturepark Publisher interface

Grow the Corporate YouTube Account

YouTube Connector makes it easy to share the videos you manage in Picturepark, even if you’re not an active YouTube user yourself. A single YouTube account is all that’s needed, and a check-box click in Picturepark is all it takes.

Videos are uploaded at the date and time you specify, and YouTube’s Title, Description, Category, Tags and other fields are filled in with metadata that comes right from Picturepark.

Whether you produce webinars, product demos, professional video or anything else, no video platform reaches more people each day. Extend the video capabilities of Picturepark, and the reach of your video content, by leveraging the world’s most popular video sharing platform.

How it Works

Once YouTube Connector has been added to your Picturepark instance (Cloud or onsite), a set of new YouTube-specific metadata fields appear for video files. When you want to post a video to YouTube, enter information in the YouTube fields and click the “upload” check box. The video will be uploaded to your organization’s YouTube account, without further action on your part.

Embargo and Expiration Dates

You can set the date you’d like a video to be uploaded and, if you know when you’ll want it taken offline again, you can set that date too. This enables you to honor embargo and expiration dates, so news doesn’t leak out and content that has a limited shelf life, like a holiday greeting or a promotion, won’t be left online.

Share Safely

Picturepark permissions control which users can upload videos to YouTube, and Picturepark users never need to know the login credentials for your YouTube account. Picturepark keeps your YouTube login safely hidden, and it can be easily updated by those you permit, any time you need.

If you limit access to the Picturepark metadata fields used for YouTube, you can further ensure all content that goes online has been scrutinized and perfected. In fact, you can even hide YouTube-related fields from users who don’t need to see them.

SEO-optimized Metadata

As the world’s second largest search engine, YouTube can get your video content shared far and wide, assuming those videos are uploaded with SEO-optimized metadata. This means your video title, description and tags must reflect your SEO strategy.

YouTube Connector enables you to author your YouTube video metadata right inside Picturepark, before the video is ever uploaded. This ensures your videos are uploaded with exactly the metadata you want, not what your intern thought would be okay.

YouTube Embed-video Link to Increase SERP

Once a video has been uploaded, YouTube sends the embed link back to Picturepark. This is a handy way for your Web designers and partners to see and copy the HTML code they’ll need to embed your videos right into their own websites.

The advantages of this are that you’ll retain control over the content, and each playback will improve your YouTube statistics. The more times your video is played, the more valuable YouTube (and Google) consider it to be. And the more valuable your video, the higher it will rank in search engine results.

Alternatively, if partners post copies of your videos on their own sites, this does you no good with regard to search engine results placement (SERP).