DAM Connector for Microsoft Office

Access and place Picturepark digital assets right from within Microsoft Office.

  • Office LogoFill your PowerPoint presentations with great images
  • Quickly place illustrations and figures into Word
  • Keep files small by not using the wrong file formats

Easy Access to the Right Files

You’ll find a new icon for Picturepark Office Connector right on your Office ribbon. From this single location, you can launch a window that will enable you to search for and place any file you need, directly into your Office files. No need to search the Web for images that don’t have license restrictions, or download images to your computer before they can be used.

The files you place will always be the most recent versions, so you won’t need to ask. Even better, your placed files will be appropriate for use in Office documents. They’ll be in the correct formats and they won’t be too large. This will save you download time and it will make your Office documents more manageable and sharable.

Faster PowerPoint Creation

Nothing takes longer when creating a new PowerPoint presentation than hunting for the perfect image to place on each slide. Using Office Connector, you can quickly search for relevant content and drag and drop what you find right where you need it.

Because the content you access is managed by Picturepark rights (permissions), you won’t have to guess whether you’re allowed to use it. You’ll save yourself from having to get approvals, and you’ll save yourself from the trouble that could come from using the wrong file, or using a file that wasn’t licensed.

Word Documents that are Rich with Graphics

Adding images, illustrations and figure to Word documents is just as easy. You can search and find anything you need, and you can even rely on the powerful Adaptive Metadata feature of Picturepark to make sure the content you use is appropriate for use in your documents. For example, Word doesn’t work well with some image formats, even though it permits you to use them. Let Picturepark help you always place what works best based on the information your Picturepark administrator has.

Outlook Emails for Marketing, Sales and Promotion

Adding images to Outlook emails can help you make your point without too much text. Readers respond to rich graphics, whether they’re images or just call-to-action buttons. Using Office Connector, it is easy to add them all. And, using the hyperlinking feature available in Outlook, any image you add can become a clickable link.