Picturepark acts like a DAM layer over Dropbox, providing you with distribution control.

Picturepark acts like a DAM layer over Dropbox, providing you with distribution control.

It’s tough to beat the file-sharing simplicity of Dropbox. But when it comes to managing Dropbox files, organizations need a more control than Dropbox offers. Dropbox Connector for Picturepark enables you to plan and schedule your Dropbox releases, all the while keeping Dropbox users informed about content updates.

Provide a single Dropbox distribution channel for everyone, or push different content across multiple channels. Your partners, sales teams and customers will get exactly what you want them to have, and mobile users will avoid roaming fees and other inconveniences of on-the-go downloads.

  • Distribute files to 1 or 1,000,000 Dropbox users at a time.
  • Activate distributions based on dates or workflows and approvals.
  • Automatically supply remote sales teams, partners and customers with always-current content.

How it Works

Picturepark sees Dropbox as a distribution channel like any other. You can manually choose which files get syndicated to Dropbox, or you can let workflow automation do the work for you.

Once an asset has been approved for Dropbox distribution, Picturepark delivers the file to Dropbox Servers for syndication. No file reaches Dropbox before the time is right, and you can easily remove files from your distribution queue whenever you need.

User rights determine who can release files to Dropbox, and Picturepark usage statistics track the time/date and user who released each file.

Dropbox Connector can be configured to release only specific file formats or derivatives, so you can determine in advance what’s suitable for your Dropbox users. If someone mistakenly marks a 500MB Photoshop file for Dropbox distribution, Dropbox Connector can make sure that only a JPEG variant is released. Your master file remains secure and your users aren’t sent unusable files.

A single Dropbox account is all you need. Picturepark communicates with Dropbox in the background, so your Dropbox login credentials don’t need to be shared with users.

Update Notifications

Picturepark can automatically notify users via email about changes and additions, so you don’t need to draft special emails, and users don’t need to remember to watch for updates. Sales teams and partners will always know about price list and contract changes, and customers will always know when new documentation or software installers are available to them.

Works with YouTube Connector and other Channels

Picturepark was designed for multi-channel distribution, so you never need to choose between output channels. Use Dropbox Connector in conjunction with YouTube Connector, WoodWing Connector or any other Picturepark output channel. You can even configure workflows that distribute assets to all channels at once.

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