Customer-developed Picturepark Integrations

Picturepark customers, partners and agencies have developed custom integrations to connect Picturepark DAM to other business systems. Some of those integrations are listed here.

Picturepark to active EDI

active logistics AG from Germany has developed an integration between Picturepark and its EDI (electronic data interchange) Hub. The standardized integration offers Picturepark Onsite and Picturepark Cloud customers the option to define data mappings for metadata between their Picturepark system and numerous third party applications, like ERP, PIM, etc. The data exchange happens in real time and through a standardized method to reduce the effort of integration which typically occurs.

Picturepark to Lobster _PIM

Lobster has developed an integration between its _PIM product information manager and Picturepark. The integration enables _PIM users to access content and metadata that’s managed in Picturepark so that customers no longer need to manage the same data in two systems.

Picturepark to Umbraco CMS

Umbraco CMS integrates with Picturepark DAM

Developed for InFront Sports and Media by Glasgow’s Dog agency, this integration enables InFront to make its vast digital asset management collection accessible to its website editors. Approved assets can be placed in Umbraco pages, and Picturepark assets can be linked for downloads.

Umbraco is only one of the systems integrated with InFront’s Picturepark. Read more in the InFront Sports & Media Picturepark Case Study »

Picturepark to 2imagine W2P

2imagine enables customers to edit InDesign files via Web browsers. This makes localizations and the creation of brochures, business cards and similar materials easy for anyone. Picturepark serves as a backend repository where customer assets are stored for access when needed.

Picturepark to Stibo (STEP) PIM

Hilti manufactures tools and technology for construction professionals. The Stibo product information management system is used to manage the company’s growing line of products, while Picturepark is used as a company-wide repository of images that is available to Hilti employees, partners and customers worldwide.

Picturepark to Typo3 CMS

Bertelsmann Foundation has integrated Picturepark with its SharePoint and Typo3 systems. This offers the company a single hub of digital content that is accessible across systems, offices, divisions and continents. The Typo3 integration was developed by Bertelsmann’s agency, demonstrating how easy it is for developers to connect other business systems to Picturepark. Read more in the Bertelsmann Foundation Picturepark Case Study »

Using the Picturepark API and frameworks, you can connect Picturepark to virtually any system that also offers API access. If you are interested in using one of these customer integrations with your own Picturepark, contact Picturepark using the form on this page.