GDPR Consent Manager

Easily manage requests for the approval or rejection of consent for your content.

Instantly request consent for content, enabling a quick and efficient GDPR compliant workflow.

Easily manage requests for the approval or rejection of consent for your content. Ensure compliance with GDPR and handle it all directly from within Picturepark: providing access management to any privacy-related content.

  • Simple: request consent straight-away, with just the click of a button.
  • Go Direct: contact the relevant party directly for consent, skip long processes.
  • Accessible: the consent request is sent via a link in an email.
  • Secure: those consenting are sent to a secure web page to process the request.
  • Reliable: those requesting the consent can explain their exact intended usage.
  • Adaptable: if the individual decides to withdraw their consent after it has been granted, then they can do so easily via the same email link.
  • Automated: if a user does reject the granting of content, then permissions are updated automatically.
  • Transparent: provide instant access related to consent for relevant users; avoid time-consuming searches for documents or emails

Providing Clarity in Complexity

Regardless of role, whole organisations must be GDPR compliant if they deal with personal data of European Union citizens or other countries which have adopted the regulation. GDPR can at first seem like a privacy mindfield, with the incorrect usage or storage of personal data leading to complaints, lawsuits and even heavy fines.

The GDPR Content Manager provides a clear workflow that enables individuals and organisations, using Picturepark, to ensure that they stay fully compliant with the regulation. Content management system users are often at a higher risk of being non-compliant with GDPR due to them storing large amounts of data of a personal nature, such as visual media and identity documentation.

Built with Accessibility in Mind

The connector was created with accessibility as a forethought. Picturepark content editors or managers that need the consent of another individual do not have to go through a long process of exporting content and shaping their own communication messages, instead they can very quickly trigger the request from Picturepark itself, just by filling in a ready-to-go form.

There is a good level of customisation available for the party which is requesting content: they can expressly explain how the content will be used and where it will be used. This allows for a strong level of transparency and GDPR compliance.

The individual from whom consent is required does not have to have experience with or even have any knowledge of Picturepark. In the interests of being highly accessible, when the consent request is triggered they will receive an email with a secure link to guide them in accepting or declining. With just a few clicks, they can answer the request.

If the party supplying the consent initially accepted but were then in the future to change their mind regarding their decision, they could easily reverse their consent by revisiting the same link as in the initial request email.

Data Consent: Customized for You

The GDPR Content Manager can be used on a wide variety of different content: images, documents, videos and more. The connector allows for customization to a range of different, highly-specific use cases; making it ideal for all sorts of industries and uses, it even has the potential to be used for purposes beyond GDPR.

All consent requests are securely logged, which means that they can be referred back to for auditing or further customizing request improvements to achieve a higher level of request response rate.

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