Integration Examples and Ideas

The flexible Picturepark Web Services API will enable you to virtually anything you want with regard to integrations into other systems. The ideas on this page are based on popular requests for DAM system integrations.

Integration Ideas

Content Management Systems (CMS) – Content and Web-content management systems are among the most widely requested integrations for digital asset management. Customers want to be able to access their DAM-managed content from within their CMS so that a single repository can be used across the systems, without the need for redundancy or synchronization.

Product Information Management Systems (PIM) – Businesses that sell online or via online retailers need access to DAM repositories that contain their product photos, training videos, brochures, etc. Most PIM systems are not equipped to properly handle rich media, so the need for DAM integrations here is clear.

Marketing Automation (MA) – Mailing automation systems that send content 24/7 need access to recent versions that are pre-approved for use and provided in formats appropriate for the medium. There is no faster growing area of business technology today than marketing automation and virtually all MA systems suffer when it comes to digital asset management capabilities.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – Sales people send price lists, contracts, sales materials and more directly from CRMs. As with marketing automation systems, today’s popular CRMs lack the rich management capabilities provided by a DAM like Picturepark. Worse, when files are stored in more than one repository, version problems can be expected. Sales teams need to know that what they see they can use, and what they see is current and approved.

Existing Picturepark DAM Connectors

A number of Picturepark Connectors available today. Some of the products are available as standard Picturepark products, while others are custom integrations that have been developed for specific customers. Picturepark DAM Connectors »