Digital Asset Management White Papers

Offering 5-star Digital Asset Management white papers and eBooks is one way Picturepark tries to help DAM newcomers and professionals learn all they can about the art and science of Digital Asset Management.

Picturepark separates our educational materials from our sales efforts: No document on this page will try to convince you to buy Picturepark software. All materials are software-neutral so no matter which DAM system you end up using, you will be learning about DAM, not wasting your time.

Enterprise DAM Checklist

After DAM Survival Guide has given you a sense of what to expect in DAM, it’s time to start thinking about the needs your organization will have with regard to DAM software. Not all DAMs are created equal, so knowing what to look for in the systems you evaluate will save you time and help you make a more informed choice. This 45-page document outlines the DAM-related technologies that are most important (and in many cases absolutely required) for enterprise-wide DAM deployment. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be able to steer the conversations you have with DAM vendors, you won’t waste time evaluating systems that aren’t suitable for your organization, and you’ll ultimately make a much smarter purchase decision.

What readers are saying

Comments pulled from anonymous reader surveys:

“The specifics on different technologies and comparing the best practices with worst was very useful. These kinds of documents are great for people like me who needed to learn about DAM solutions quickly in order to make decisions about what type of DAM my organization should be implementing.”

“I thought this was a great introduction to the actual technologies used in DAM systems (and, eventually, specifically in the DAM system my firm chose).  Although the material was fairly technical in nature, it was still accessible to less technical types in our firm, and was a resource I drew on to explain what we were planning on getting into with a new DAM system. Not every subject in the document was pertinent to our needs, but it was organized well enough that that didn’t matter – I just read the parts necessary to my work.”

“What I liked most was the style of writing. Very different from traditional and boring white papers, especially when it involves technology. Your analogies make very pleasant and fluid reading. The structure of the summary and some sub-items helped a customer to make a comparison sheet with another tool.”

“Nice checklist that hits some very good points. I would have put together a very similar list.”

“Extremely helpful and honest. I purchased DAM Survival Guide also based on Picturepark’s other free documents.”

“I felt it presented an excellent approach on determining the needs and requirements to meet the needs in an Enterprise setting.  Well written.”

DAM Prep in 7 Steps

Last in our trio of DAM education materials is a fast 35-page read that will help you plan the launch of your DAM initiative. Picking up where DAM Survival Guide and Enterprise DAM Checklist leave off, DAM Prep in 7 Steps will help you better organize your team and resources so you can meet your project deadlines and stay within budget. Based on the collective experiences of 20+ year DAM professionals, DAM Prep in 7 Steps provides the “last mile” of information you need to launch your DAM system and make it a success at your organization.

What readers are saying

Comments pulled from anonymous reader surveys:

“Our DAM has been set up for a long time (15+ years). The 7 step document addressed much more complex set-ups than we currently use. Still, I find it very helpful to consider all perspectives. Who knows where we might go next. All 3 documents were helpful in that sense. Also, it is nice to finally feel part of a community rather than a DAMer of one. Thanks.”

“I liked the examples, they made the concepts easy to understand.”

“Document was well written and to the point as it was positioned to the researcher of DAM.”

“I’ve read some longer books on DAMs, so the reason I really liked this piece is that it pretty much presents a checklist of steps to follow.  Sure, it doesn’t include all the details, but it’s a good outline.  This is the sort of document that’s useful to share with others, too, if you are going to be planning a DAM with a team of people who are not themselves deeply familiar with DAMs. This can help them get a sense that it’s not just a matter of picking some magical piece of software; there’s a lot of work that has to be done to choose the right DAM and implement it appropriately.”

“As a newbie, I appreciate the down to earth language used in this publication, as well as the concrete examples given for important concepts. The “DAM Initiative Planning Steps” list on the first page functions as a table of contents, which helped me grasp the big picture before diving in – this is always appreciated. The level of detail was good…although I of course am always hungry for more!”

“Really interesting! What I could say about it: Page 25 is really interesting in order to understand better the “real” difference between a “file system” and taxonomy. A lot of people aren’t aware of this. It would be important to mention this in this part of the document. Often the users could not understand the taxonomy principle and furthermore the multi-select function of it.”

“It is a lengthy document, and though there are links to each section from the first page, I would like to see a summary paragraph at beginning of each section that provides a quick summary or bullet points of the content. Otherwise an excellent doc.”

“Excellent document!”

“Great material!”

“Informative and solidly based in Best Practices.”