DAM Resources on the Web

It’s never too early or late to start learning about digital asset management. Below are some free Web resources Picturepark recommends.

Another DAM Blog/Podcast

Another DAM Blog and companion site, Another DAM Podcast, are long-time DAM industry favorites. The blog posts of host Henrik de Gyor are based on years of experience working with DAM organizations, so they’re uniquely his own, and always interesting. The podcasts feature interviews with DAM users from diverse backgrounds and organizations. While Learn from the successes and challenges of other DAM users each time you enjoy Another DAM Podcast.


David Riecks founded ControlledVocabulary.com to help others learn how build controlled vocabularies, thesauri and keyword hierarchies for describing images in databases. Riecks has been involved in many digital image standards initiatives, as well as being a featured speaker at many international conferences. ControlledVocabulary.com is home to a wealth of useful information, and it’s where you’ll find the popular Controlled Vocabulary User Forum, which includes more than 1,000 members.

David Riecks was featured in the Picturepark webinars, “The Tao of Taxonomy” and “The Copyright Killings,” both of which are available for form-free viewing.

DAM Directory

The DAM Directory offers a wealth of links for those interested in DAM and related topics.

DAM Glossary

The staff at DigitalAssetManagementNews.org have built a wonderful directory of terms related to digital asset management (DAM). If you’re new to DAM, or you just need some clarification or discussion about what something means, this is wonder place to visit.

DAM Guru Program

Connecting digital asset management experts with those who need their help, DAM Guru Program is a free service for the DAM community that’s sponsored by Picturepark. DAM “newbies” and employers can find the help they need, and if a suitable Guru isn’t available, the program will find one. All services are free, software-neutral, and DAM Guru Program management practices are governed under the terms of Picturepark Trust Initiative, to ensure that the program remains a valuable resource for all members.

Learn more about DAM Guru Program on this website, or visit the program’s website:

DAM Vendor Directory

The editorial team at DigitalAssetManagementNews.org has built a directory of DAM vendors. Included are program stats, screenshots, videos and more. Given the no-nonsense approach DAM News is known for, we expect this directory to become a very useful resource for the DAM community.

Visit the Picturepark page on the DAM Vendor Directory:

Digital Asset Management News

Providing the DAM community with a wonderful resource of original content that’s sometimes based on industry news and sometimes intended for educational purposes, set a bookmark for Digital Asset Management News now. Posts are always interesting and unique, and site editors are known for their no-nonsense “take-down” style that humbles DAM vendors (and others) who boast too loudly. Digital Asset Management News provides a neutral perspective on DAM that should not be missed.


dpBestflow.org includes a series of online educational seminars, software and hardware solutions, workflow guides and book references that are designed to match a wide variety of working styles. Funded by a grant from the United States Library of Congress and developed and overseen by the American Society of Media Photographers, this website offers guidelines for refined production workflows, archiving methods, and best practices for digital photography that are applicable across virtually all aspects of digital asset management.


Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI)

The Dublin Core metadata standard was conceived as a means for providing a basic set of metadata fields that could be used to describe electronic resources. Most interesting about Dublin Core is how it can be embedded right into Web pages to provide disambiguation to search engines and other tools. For a quick overview of the metadata standard and its use, don’t miss the Dublin Core User’s Guide.

Picturepark DAM supports the Dublin Core metadata standard.

Links for more information:

Elegant Workflow

If you enjoy listening to recorded podcasts that feature influential people in DAM and related professionals, you’ll enjoy Elegant Workflow. Though the majority of interviewees are with people in the Entertainment sector, there are several recordings with DAM professionals, and each interview has something interesting to offer everyone.

EXIF (Exchangeable Image File Format)

The EXIF metadata standard is used by digital cameras and scanners to embed into a file information about the origin of that file. Fields for camera model, shot date, exposure time and more are included.

Picturepark DAM supports the EXIF metadata standard.

Links for more information:

IPTC (International Press Telecommunications Council)

The IPTC is perhaps best known throughout the DAM world for the IPTC metadata standard. Among the resources on this site that you should not miss are the numerous free downloads on the Photo Metadata page.

IPTC Managing Director, Michael Steidl, was a guest on the Picturepark webinar, “The Copyright Killings,” which discussed the issue of embedded metadata in social network sites and how it relates to orphaned works legislation. Watch The Copyright Killings now. (No forms required.)

Picturepark DAM supports the IPTC metadata standard.

Links for more information:


Though undeniably useful for those using photographer-centric programs for adding embedded metadata to their images before importing into a DAM (Adobe Bridge, Photo Mechanic, etc.), the PhotoMetadata.org website also offers a wealth of metadata tutorials and resources that will appeal to anyone involved with digital asset management.

PLUS Coalition

PLUS (Picture Licensing Universal System) is a popular metadata standard, but the PLUS Coalition is working on something even more exciting—an international image registry. The aim is to help solve the problems that arise from orphaned works by making sure that all images are represented in an easily accessible global database.

PLUS Coalition president and CEO, Jeff Sedlik, was a guest in Picturepark’s “The Copyright Killings” webinar. Watch The Copyright Killings now. (No forms required.)

Picturepark DAM supports the PLUS metadata standard.

Links for more information:

XMP (Extensible Metadata Platform)

Though often confused as a metadata standard itself, XMP is more like a vehicle for embedding other metadata standards and values into digital files. By providing a standard means through which application developers can safely write metadata into files, Adobe XMP makes it possible for diverse metadata values to “travel” with their associated assets.

Picturepark DAM supports metadata extraction and embedding via XMP.

Links for more information: