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Picturepark launched the #LearnDAM initiative in 2014 to provide the DAM community with educational resources that can be trusted to be accurate, honest and free of sales pitches.

White Papers and eBooks

Digital asset management white papers and eBooks from Picturepark are among the best DAM education materials available. Download them all now for FREE! No registration required »



Picturepark webinars feature industry experts speaking about the topics they know best. Digital asset management webinars »

Metadata Myths and Madness!

“Metadata Myths and Madness!” digital asset management webinar features John Horodyski speaking about metadata best practices, the value of metadata standards and more.

  • Guest: John Horodyski (Optimity Advisors)
  • Host: David Diamond
  • Running Time: 1:01:00
DAM and the Tao of Taxonomy

This digital asset management webinar features David Riecks speaking about the advantages of the proper use of taxonomy and controlled vocabularies in DAM software.

  • Guest: David Riecks (ControlledVocabulary.com)
  • Host: David Diamond
  • Running time: 1:02:07
DAM Shootout: Cloud vs. Onsite

This digital asset management webinar takes an unbiased look at the pros and cons of both deployment methods, as they relate to digital asset management software. Lincoln Howell (Belden) defends the Cloud, while Heath Norton (Northern Arizona University) tells why onsite was the best decision for him.

  • Guest: Heath Norton (Northern Arizona University)
  • Guest: Lincoln Howell (Belden)
  • Host: David Diamond
  • Running time: 59:23
DAMs Gone Wild!

Even the best-planned digital asset management systems can become difficult to use over time. Policies lapse, users get lazy, and DAM managers come and go. In this hour-long webinar, Harley-Davidson DAM managers, Jacob Jaroch and Ryan Messier, discuss DAM troubles and solutions with “DAM Survival Guide” author, David Diamond. Concise, easy-to-follow ideas you can put into practice today are what you’ll take away.

  • Guest: Jake Jaroch (Harley-Davidson)
  • Guest: Ryan Messier (Harley-Davidson)
  • Host: David Diamond
  • Running time: 54:44
Be a DAM Superhero!

Are you single-handedly responsible for making the digital asset management initiative at your organization fly? Some DAM managers are lucky to have large DAM teams, while others have to do it all on their own. Do you have what it takes to become one of these DAM Superheroes?

  • Guest: Andrew Mannone (America’s Test Kitchen)
  • Guest: Carol Thomas-Knipes (LogicSource)
  • Host: David Diamond
  • Running time: 1:02:08
Meet the Mother of DAM

What were you doing in 1990? Chances are, you weren’t involved with Digital Asset Management, because it hadn’t yet been invented. Jennifer Neumann is most often credited for changing that, and now she’s going to tell us all about it.

  • Guest: Jennifer Neumann (The Final Candidate)
  • Host: David Diamond
  • Running time: 59:13
The Copyright Killings

As more people share more content across social networks, the issue of who owns that content becomes increasingly important. Find out how the business practices of social networks mixed with pending (and current) global legislation could create the “perfect storm” of copyright-free chaos.

  • Guest: David Riecks (ControlledVocabulary.com)
  • Guest: Michael Steidl (IPTC)
  • Guest: Jeff Sedlik (PLUS Coalition)
  • Host: David Diamond
  • Running time: 1:02:56

DAM Guru Program

DAM Guru Program (DGP) connects DAM professionals with employers and “newbies” who need help or advice. If you’re new to digital asset management, or you have knowledge to share with the community, join DGP today. Memberships are free. Learn more about DAM Guru Program »

DGP Member Interviews

Each week, DAM Guru Program publishes an interview with one of its “Guru” members. These candid conversations offer great insight into the backgrounds of some of the community’s most experienced DAM professionals.

View the #GuruTalk interviews »

DGP Member Webinars

DAM Guru Program members occasionally host webinars in which they share their specific areas of expertise. All webinar recordings are available for form-free viewing on the DAM Guru Program website, and registration for upcoming webinars is free.

View the DAM Guru Program member webinars »

Events Calendar

DAM Guru Program offers a calendar of digital asset management, content management and library science events, meetups, mixers and more. See events in your area­ »


Metadata for Content Management and DAM Survival Guide were authored by Picturepark employee, David Diamond.

DAM Survival Guide is the perfect first step for anyone getting into DAM or related fields, and Metadata for Content Management offers those with some experience some ideas and creative approaches to using metadata, taxonomy, policy and workflow in content systems. Learn more at the author’s website »

Additional recommended titles

Inform, Transform & Outperform

In Inform, Transform, and Outperform, John Horodyski and his team of contributors provide compelling, collective insight into building a tactical foundation to achieve a holistic digital strategy.

Buy Inform, Transform & Outperform now on Amazon.

The DAM Book

The DAM Book, by Peter KroghIn The DAM Book: Digital Asset Management for Photographers, Peter Krogh guides readers through the entire digital photography ecosystem, explaining how hardware, software, file formats and workflow practices work together to keep images safe, and to help photographers get the most from their pictures.

Buy The DAM Book now on Amazon.  For more information, visit the author’s Twitter and blog feeds.

Content Architectures…

“Content Architectures, Project Management, and Creating Order out of Media Chaos” explains both the purpose of digital asset management systems and why an organization might need one. The text then walks readers step-by-step through the concerns involved in selecting, staffing, and maintaining a DAM. This book is dedicated to providing you with a solid base in the common concerns, both legal and technical, in launching a complex DAM capable of providing visual search results and workflow options.

You can buy this title on Amazon.

The Accidental Taxonomist

The Accidental Taxonomist, by Heather HeddenThe Accidental Taxonomist author Heather Hedden walks readers through the process of building information taxonomies, and she explains some of the less obvious nuances of taxonomy schema design.  All content is presented in a straightforward, comprehensible style. Note that while this book discusses a topic that is vital to the success of a DAM system, readers should have a base understanding of digital asset management principles in order to better grasp the wealth of info that Hedden provides.

Buy The Accidental Taxonomist on Amazon.  For more information, follow the author’s Twitter feed or visit her website.

The Librarian’s Skillbook

The Librarian's Skillbook from Deb Hunt and David Grossman.Although its title speaks to one class of information professionals, what’s inside this book should be required reading for anyone looking to configure a DAM. Benefit from the authors’ experience in library sciences and learn ways in which you can organize your DAM to be more useable and more popular too.

Buy The Librarian’s Skillbook on Amazon. Visit the book’s website to learn more about the authors and what’s inside.

See how Adaptive Metadata improves content management. (Zoom full-screen for better viewing.)

Resources on the Web

DAM Glossary

DAMNews_logoRound out your primary DAM education by spending some time in the industry’s DAM Glossary. Provided by the DAM News organization and maintained by trusted experts, this resource answers many questions and introduces you to the language of DAM.

Visit the DAM Glossary »

DAM News

Digital Asset Management News provides the DAM community with a wonderful resource of original content that’s sometimes based on industry news and sometimes intended for educational purposes. Posts are always interesting and unique, and site managers are known for their no-nonsense “take-down” style of humbling DAM vendors (and others) who boast too loudly. Having no alignment with any DAM vendors, publishers or other commercial interests, Digital Asset Management News provides a neutral perspective on the industry’s goings on that should not be missed.

Visit the DAM News site »

DAM Vendor Directory


The world’s largest searchable directory of DAM vendors and software is offered by the DAM News organization. This free resource is unique in that it enables you to compare systems on a feature-by-feature basis. The DAM News team audits all claims made by DAM vendors, so the content is more trustworthy that what you read on most DAM vendor websites.

Visit the DAM Vendor Directory »


ControlledVocabulary.com logoThis website is a goldmine of useful information. Founder David Riecks developed ControlledVocabulary.com to help others learn to build controlled vocabularies, thesauri and keyword hierarchies that can be used to describe images in databases. ControlledVocabulary.com is also home to the Controlled Vocabulary User Forum, which includes more than 1,000 members.

David Riecks is featured in the Picturepark webinar, “The Tao of Taxonomy.”

Visit ControlledVocabulary.com »


Photometadata2This site offers a number of handy tutorials for those needing to learn how to use photo centric programs, like Photoshop, Bridge, Photo Mechanic, Expression Media/Media Pro and other applications. Though probably of most use to photographers, the topic of adding embedded metadata to images before importing into a DAM has becoming increasingly important, and this is a great resource to learn more  about that.

Another DAM Podcast

Henrik de Gyor's Another DAM Blog and PodcastAnother DAM Blog and companion site, Another DAM Podcast, are long-time DAM industry favorites. These popular podcasts are short, concise Q&As with DAM users from many well known organizations. While it’s interesting to hear the DAM stories of others, de Gyor’s podcasts enable listeners to actually learn from the successes and challenges of other DAM users.

Listen to the DAM podcasts »


The CMSWire website virtually rapid-fires new content each day. Scores of contributors from digital asset management and adjacent communities provide on an ongoing stream of news, opinions and more. It’s important to note who the author is of any story you read, however. CMSWire authors include DAM vendor employees who sometimes use the site as a means for promoting their sales agendas. But there is plenty of interesting content available otherwise.

Visit CMSWire »

#LearnDAM on Tumblr

LearnDAM.com has a companion site on Tumblr through which a regular stream of DAM-related content is published. You don’t need to have a Tumblr account to bookmark the page and use it as your “what’s new in DAM” news feed.

Visit #LearnDAM on Tumblr »

Twitter accounts and hashtags

Here are some reputable Twitter accounts you can follow to learn more about DAM-related topics:

There are a number of common hashtags the DAM industry uses on Twitter:

You might also find interesting content and accounts to follow by searching for:

Note: The links above will perform the search term on Twitter. You might need to sign into a Twitter account to see the results.

LinkedIn Groups

Note: Most of these groups require LinkedIn and group membership to see postings. Memberships are free to all LinkedIn members.

Search LinkedIn for groups that focus on others areas of interest for you, such as marketing or brand management. There are many focused groups available. One note of caution for those new to LinkedIn groups is that DAM vendor employees frequent these groups and sometimes don’t identify themselves in their profiles as being vendor or vendor partner employees. When following the advice of another, make sure that person’s agenda is one that’s in your best interests.

#LearnDAM FAQ and contact options


The #LearnDAM initiative is intended to make it easier to find quality digital asset management content that is free from overt commercial influence and agenda. Though created by Picturepark, the initiative is offered as a DAM community resource for everyone to use and nurture.

How can I find DAM education materials?

Find #LearnDAM-tagged materials simply by searching #LearnDAM on Google, Twitter or other social networks.

How do I make my DAM materials available to others under the #LearnDAM initiative?

All you need to do is include #LearnDAM in your social posts to identify your content as being pure DAM education. Please don’t misuse the tag to promote commercial ventures. As a rule of thumb, ask yourself if your content would be of use to people who don’t use your product or service. If not, then please do not identify it as #LearnDAM. For example, webinars that discuss DAM best practices that are applicable to any DAM software could be considered #LearnDAM, but those webinars specific to a given software program would not be considered #LearnDAM resources.

Who makes sure that materials posted as #LearnDAM really are quality educational materials?

We rely on the DAM community to call out those who misuse the tag. Please reply to tweets or use other means for calling out those who jeopardize the integrity of this initiative. #NOTLearnDAM might be a good way to communicate your concerns. The @LearnDAM Twitter account will also be used to remind abusers of the point to the initiative.

Who can post materials as #LearnDAM?

Anyone who has quality pure DAM educational materials to share may use the #LearnDAM hashtag to identify those materials. You don’t have to be the creator of the materials, and you’re encouraged to add the tag to materials you share that don’t already use the tag.

How is Picturepark involved with in the initiative?

Picturepark announced #LearnDAM to the DAM community in early 2014. Picturepark resources are used to manage the LearnDAM website, Tumblr blog and the LearnDAM Twitter account. Otherwise, Picturepark is merely a participant in the initiative, just like everyone else. As with DAM Guru Program, LearnDAM is not managed by Picturepark sales operations.

How can I contact if I have a question or problem?

You’re encouraged to use social media to communicate with other #LearnDAM participants, including Picturepark. If you have a concern that you would rather not mention publically, please use the form below.

Why does Picturepark launch these free DAM community resources?

As human beings, we like doing what we can to help others learn and enjoy their careers. As business professionals, we know that those who are better informed make better purchase decisions. So, the smarter the DAM community is in general, the better off the better DAM vendors will be.

Questions and Link Suggestions

If you have a question or comment about the #LearnDAM initiative, or you know of a valuable DAM resource that should be included on this page, please email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Please note that resources that are sales-focused or that aren’t determined to provide software-neutral digital asset management educational value will not be added to this page.

For links related to events or other temporary items (including those related to specific DAM software), please consider submitting your link to the LearnDAM Tumblr blog, where it will be published more quickly: http://learnDAM.tumblr.com/submit

About #LearnDAM

#LearnDAM Initiative Logo from PictureparkPicturepark offers this resource as part of our #LearnDAM initiative to help the DAM community by making it easier to find quality digital asset management educational materials that are not sales focused. #LearnDAM materials developed by Picturepark are provided without cost or obligation, and are each authored by Picturepark employees—no ghost writers or freelancers. We hope our #LearnDAM resources enhance your understanding of and success with digital asset management.

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