Virtual Types

Virtual Types enable you to create content from within Picturepark that adheres to a defined structure, without having to worry about the output format of the content. Common to each of these (and other) Virtual Types is a defined structure e.g. Press Release (Structure: Headline, Subhead, Body, Footer), Landing Page (Structure: Title; Overview; Details; Form Link), Job Listing (Structure: Title; Description; Requirements; Contact) or News Item (Structure: Headline, Subhead, Body). See the demo of a Press Portal with Virtual Items. See additional information on strictly structured content.

Use Cases:

  • Featured Content: Headline, Abstract, Teaser Image, Resource Link

  • Historic Milestone: Title, Body Text, Date, Hero Image, Gallery Image

  • Text Blocks: Title, Text, References

  • Press Kits: Headline, Release Date, Release Location, Lead, Body Text, Hero Image, Media Downloads

Virtual Type Limitations

  • You can export Virtual Types as .json files. However, you cannot import them back using the same name and id as an existing type (you have to rename id and name in the json file first).