Create API Client

Ensure that you have the isDeveloper flag set for your user by Picturepark tech support.

Create an API Client

VIDEO: Create API Client and Setup Postman

  1. Open Settings

  2. Open API Clients

    1. if you don't see it, you are missing the flag ("isDeveloper") which can only be set by Picturepark tech support.

  3. Create a new client

    1. Choose password in the authentication

    2. Client Secret doesn't matter in this scenario.

    3. Choose all scope or select the ones you need.

    4. Select "Enable"

  4. Select Tokens for this client

  5. Create a new Token

    1. Login with your account (here access is checked again).

Set up your Postman Environment

VIDEO: Create API Client and Setup Postman


You need the variables:

  • apiToken

    • You just created this one above.

  • customerAlias

    • Open Help in Picturepark.

    • Find System Information.

    • Find Alias.

  • customerId

    • Open Help in Picturepark.

    • Find System Information.

    • Find Customer UID.

  • apiHost

Request List Item with Variables

For the API request, you need to add the variables to the correct position in Postman.

VIDEO: Get List Item from Picturepark in Postman

  • Add {{apiHost}} before the request.

  • Add {{apiToken}} as the token for authorization of type Bearer token.

  • Add key " Picturepark-CustomerAlias" to the Header with the value {{customerAlias}}

  • Add additional keys to the Params as requested in query parameters per request in the API documentation.