LIECHTENSTEIN. The Princely Collections Museum

Peter Paul Rubens (flämisch; Siegen 1577–1640 Antwerpen) Venus vor dem Spiegel um 1614/15 Holz 122.9 x 97.6 cm GE120 Venus in Front of the Mirror Venere allo specchio Venus delante del espejoPicturepark digital asset management software enables LIECHTENSTEIN. The Princely Collections to manage its world-renowned collections and leverage metadata stored in its Zetcom MuseumPlus collections management software.

Counted among the most important private art collections in the world, The Princely Collections works span five centuries. To ensure the collection can reach the widest audience possible, each individual work has been carefully photographed and tagged, resulting in a rich digital asset collection of more than 10 terabytes.

As impressive as the digitized Princely Collections are in their own right, they have something most digital collections don’t—physical counterparts. LIECHTENSTEIN. The Princely Collections needed a way to bridge its physical and digital worlds in a way that was easy to maintain, and reliable.

Michael Schweller, Registrar and Exhibition Manager
“Using Picturepark we have found the perfect complement for MuseumPlus: images are managed with the rich functionality of the Picturepark DAM system and all important information is synchronized. The time required for management and search through our massive amount of data has been greatly reduced.”

An Enterprise DAM Partner for MuseumPlus

Before the digital collection existed, mountains of metadata about the Princely Collections had been collected in Zetcom MuseumPlus, the collections management software that LIECHTENSTEIN. The Princely Collections uses for tracking and managing its physical collections.

To prevent the need for duplicate data entry, curators knew their DAM system would have to easily and reliably link to MuseumPlus. Additional requirements included the ability to digitally retouch photographs without the need for external software, generate and provide images in multiple resolutions, and provide easy access from anywhere on earth.

After an extensive evaluation of multiple DAM software systems, Liechtenstein curators chose Picturepark digital asset management software for its ease of use, strong DAM capabilities and integration-friendly standards-based architecture.

 Read more about Picturepark’s digital asset management integration with Zetcom MuseumPlus.



Bernardo Bellotto (italienisch; Venedig 1720–1780 Warschau) Das Gartenpalais Liechtenstein in Wien vom Belvedere 1759/60 Leinwand 99.8 x 158.5 cm GE889 The Liechtenstein Garden Palace in Vienna, Seen from the Belvedere Il “palazzo in villa” Liechtenstein a Vienna visto dal Belvedere El palacio con jardín Liechtenstein en Viena visto desde el Belvedere

The Physical/Digital Hybrid Realized

With Picturepark and MuseumPlus working in perfect sync, users can now quickly and easily find media assets using search and browse options that are tailored for Princely Collection items. The natural taxonomy of the physical collection is reflected in its digital counterpart, and the integrity of the collection’s metadata is preserved.

Access to images stored inside Picturepark is available from within MuseumPlus, which means users no longer have to manually hunt for the digital photos of MuseumPlus records. Users can see real-time previews, and tagging can be done in either system, because bi-directional synchronization ensures both systems are always up-to-date.

Original and print-resolution images are controlled and protected because Picturepark shows guests and other non-authorized users watermarked derivatives only. The goal of one global platform has been fully realized, and curators save countless hours working in a collection that is now more efficient than ever.