Subscription Plan Details



Enterprise & OEM

Read-write users (included)

Read-write users (included) The number of read-write user accounts included in the plan. You can upgrade at any time for a fee without changing the plan. See how we define a 'read-write user'


Upgradeable at any time.


Upgradeable at any time.


Upgradeable at any time.

Regular Users

The number of user accounts included in the plan. You can upgrade at any time for a fee without changing the plan. See how we define a “user“.




Traffic/storage (included/mo.)

200 GB

Upgradeable at any time.

1000 GB

Upgradeable at any time.

5000 GB

Upgradeable at any time.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Single Sign On (SSO) using the Open ID Connect (OIDC) protocol that is compatible with most IAM solutions such as ADFS 4.0 (Windows Server 2016), Azure AD, Onelogin, and many more. Scheduled for the Content Platform May 2020 update and subject to be confirmed.




User Roles & Permission Sets (each)

The maximum number of each, user roles and permission sets, which you can use for defining permissions for users onto content and list items, and other entities and features.





The maximum number of specifically permissible and filterable spaces for your content e.g. configured for particular stakeholders or microsites in Picturepark.





The maximum number of languages for content or list items. Note: The system currently features two independent UI languages, English and German.




Content and List Items (each)

The maximum number of each, content and list items, which can be created. If you overuse this quota then you will need to upgrade during a grace period into a higher plan. Please note that both, content and list items, use some space of your Storage quota. See some calculation examples.




Custom Schemas

The maximum number of layers, virtual types, lists, fieldset and relationship fields you can define yourself within the system. Note: This excludes all schemas which are system provided by default (such as file types, XMP or countries).




Search-indexed fields

The maximum number of fields (including nested fields) on schemas which have been defined to be searchable. See the definition of “nested fields“




API Keys

The maximum number of API keys or client GUIDs you can use for building service providers, microsites, connectors or any other applications via the Picturepark API and SDK. Please see the FAQ about limited warranties for API Key sharing




API Calls (Per Minute)

The maximum number of calls to the Picturepark API you can send per minute and per API key. If you overuse then you become throttled or hard limited. See additional information on API call types and limitations.

60 (best effort)

240 (warranted)


Support Response Time

The time from when we have received your support query until we have sent you a first non-automated reply and started efforts for issue resolution (subject to our standard support hours).

< 24 hours (best effort)

< 6 hours (warranted)

< 1 hour (warranted)

Warranted Service Availability

The period of time during which the Service is warranted to be available per calendar month without critical incidents and excluding scheduledmaintenance. Please see the SLA for details.

> 99% (best effort)

> 99.5% (warranted)

> 99.9% (warranted)

Hosting Type

The type of hosting infrastructure used with the primary differentiator of where Customer data is stored (within the same Region). Please also see the SLA for details.




Recovery Point Objective (RPO)

The period of time between the creation of the Customer data (files and object store data) in Picturepark and the backup of the same data onto backup storage.

< 48 hrs (best effort)

< 24 h (warranted)

< 2 h (warranted)

Data Retention (of versions)

The period of time during which we retain differential backup versions of Customer data (files and object store data) other than the most current version stored on live and backup storage. See further definitions.

Current version

Only the most recent version is backed up, according to the RPO of the plan.

3 days versions

10 days versions w/ priority recovery

Recovery will be strictly prioritized resulting in lowest possible RTO

Staging Instance

Staging instance of your Picturepark for the purpose of testing integrations, developments and configuration changes. Charged per TB and month with two master data copies included per month. Note: While architecturally identical, stage instances might differ with regard to performance and feature availability and are outside of our regular SLA warranties defined for your plan



3 staging mo. per year

Defined as 5 TB in staging space over three months

Picturepark Workflows


the number of included Picturepark-provided workflows which provide automation for managing content e.g. with regard to processing, tagging or permission-managing content and metadata. See more details and available workflows.

Two workflows included

Up to five workflows included

Escalation support

Eligibility to escalate Critical Defects with our 24/7 global escalation support team.




Support Contacts (max)

The number of contacts you can register with us and to which we will provide Technical support.

Max. 2

Max. 4

Max. 8

Picturepark Purchase Options

Separate purchase options available for a fee. Add-ons such as workflow tasks or Connectors are subject to the API call quotas and other limits for the plan - see the FAQ below.

  • Staging instance
  • Suisse Safe backup (see FAQ)
  • Custom Domain

FAQ & Detailed Definitions

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