Picturepark Customer Testimonials

We thank those customers who have offered these testimonials to tell others how Picturepark has helped them.

Milus is a customer of Picturepark DAM softwarePicturepark is the perfect solution to provide our subsidiaries and partners with pictures and documents. It is an optimal and reliable tool that is simple and easy to use. Picturepark saves us time and we find to be the best tool for managing our image database.

Milus International Watch Maker

DSV_logoDSV uses Picturepark as a shared online library for our professional photos, films and graphic files. The system is stable, simple, logical and meets our requirements. Our colleagues in more than 70 countries benefit from using our common photo library.DSV, Pelle Jeppesen, Graphic Designer for Global Marketing
Infront Sports and Media is a customer of Picturepark DAM softwareInfront annually delivers more than 3000 event-days across a huge range of sports, all captured in photographs and video. Managing such a vast range of material was becoming a challenge. With its user-friendly interface and search functionality, Picturepark enabled our employees to quickly find and download assets without assistance. The mailing function also proved very beneficial when sharing large files, such as videos or high-res photography. The overall solution has saved us considerable time.Infront Sports & Media, Stéphane Kaeser, Corporate Communications
Heinz Kaiser Logo_Internet_6041We export approximately 80% of our products abroad. Our main consumers are Europe, USA, Japan and Russia. We work with over 50 agencies worldwide that distribute our products in their respective markets. Thanks to Picturepark, we were able to massively improve communication with our partners. Required assets can be provided centrally and are available worldwide.Heinz Kaiser AG, David Stucki, Marketing Manager
IAV is a customer of Picturepark DAM softwareThanks to Picturepark, we have a DAM solution! We can provide our more than 4,500 worldwide employees with media via our convenient Web-based media database. The central availability of media that adheres to our corporate identity allows for professional and consistent internal and external communication. Via the allocation of restricted access rights, the press also has access to the IAV media world, around the clock.IAV GmbH, Saskia Obbeck, Project Manager Marketing Communication
Gudel is a customer of Picturepark DAM softwareWe have achieved a whole new dimension of media asset management here at Güdel with Picturepark. Where we once had, more or less, files saved in an unstructured way on network and local hard drives, we now have a central, intelligent platform with which files can be exchanged with over 20 subsidiaries and over 800 employees worldwide. Assets can now be found much faster, which significantly increases the joy of our work.GÜDEL AG, Mario Rothenbühler, Marketing
Kafer is a customer of Picturepark DAM softwareWith Picturepark as a browser based database we provide our customers everywhere in the world and at any time – with the greatest success – with our proverbial “Quality built on Passion”. The use of Picturepark also allows us an efficient, standardized bundling of our assets, while ensuring consistent visual language of our corporate design and above all saves us a lot of time and money.Käfer Service GmbH, Doreen Reichenberger, Senior Projectleader
SV Group is a customer of Picturepark DAM softwareWith Picturepark, we optimized our management of assets. We now make them available to departments across countries in appropriate form. Using Picturepark, we save a lot of time as our people can search and download the desired assets on their own. Thanks to the user friendly interface, no trainings sessions are required.SV (Schweiz) AG, Ronnie Kohler, Communications Assistant

Skins is a customer of Picturepark DAM softwarePicturepark has made sharing assets globally among SKINS colleagues and external agencies easy and fast. The time spent sending emails with attachments has been dramatically reduced, as colleagues can quickly access the files they need themselves in the format they require.SKINS International Trading AG, Kezia Everson, International Marketing Project Manager
Agrana is a customer of Picturepark DAM softwarePicturepark enables an efficient global distribution of marketing and communications materials. Thanks to Picturepark, the media assets can be found very easily and quickly and used for the according purpose. Workflows support the automated quality control and validation through which time and money can be saved.AGRANA Beteiligungs-AG, Christine Göller, Public Relations Manager
Kempinski is a customer of Picturepark DAM softwarePicturepark allows all properties of Kempinski Hotels to share their own image database with colleagues all over the world finding synergies and ensuring consistent brand communication. As the system is extremely user friendly it facilitates work for ourselves and our agencies for all Marketing & PR activities.Kempinski Hotels S.A., Esther Mauer, Brand & Marketing Manager
Jura is a customer of Picturepark DAM softwareThe global distribution of marketing and communications materials to JURA sales partners has been made more simple, efficient and needs-oriented through Picturepark. The media assets are very quick to find- thanks to the search feature – and can be obtained in the required size and quality.JURA Elektroapparate AG, Stephanie Herzog, E-Business
Belden Logo_Internet_5943With Picturepark, we make data available on our homepage, in the Download Center, using the Web Publisher. We save a lot of time through the central administration, since we only have to define the rights for publication, instead of using complicated third party systems. The data is immediately available and users can access it independently. In the Picturepark itself, we allow selected groups access to selected assets. This allows our suppliers and customers to work independently and order the necessary material, if required, directly in the Picturepark.Belden Electronics GmbH, Anita Herzog, E-Specialist
A. Vogel is a customer of Picturepark DAM softwareWith Picturepark we have an optimal tool, for us and our subsidiaries and partner companies in over 30 countries, to provide imagery from A. Vogel for marketing and PR purposes. We save time and money thanks to the simple and user friendly navigation for the up and downloads.A.Vogel/Bioforce AG, Clemens Umbricht, Head of Public Relations
Buhler is a customer of Picturepark DAM softwareWith Picturepark, we have the ability to immediately supply our worldwide sites with the newest marketing and communication material. The Media Assets can be found easily, and can be downloaded in the desired quality or resolution.Bühler AG, Ines Misura, Communications Manager
Bystronic is a customer of Picturepark DAM softwareWith the help of our Picturepark we can guarantee a uniform appearance worldwide over all communications platforms, without time delays and with minimal effort. Our pictures, logos, press releases and publications are available to national affiliates, clients, partners as well as the press at all times.Bystronic Laser AG, Stephan Duerer, Brand and MarCom Manager
Conzzeta Holding is a customer of Picturepark DAM softwarePicturepark makes our work easier! One upload is sufficient and the current media assets are fully available to agencies and subsidiaries – as well as employees.Conzzeta AG, Catherine Hasler, Assistant Corporate Services
Fischer is a customer of Picturepark DAM softwareThe 90’s were formative for the graphics industry, that which was analogue became digital. The new technologies place great demands on the administration, security and availability of digital data. For a company such as the FISCHER PRECISE Group it is crucial to provide the employee with the appropriate quality and suitable format for his purposes online. We have found a reliable partner in VIT, which is in a position to offer us this service, fully customized for our needs.Fischer Precise, Rolf Späti, Project Manager Marketing
GSI SLV is a customer of Picturepark DAM softwarePicturepark is the perfect solution for our establishment, for making pictures, logos, and templates available to all employees across Germany, at all times, and in a central place. The well-structured and intuitive interface makes it very easy to use. The images are stored securely, and through unique keywords and the most different joining and testing procedures, can therefore quickly be made available to seekers for download. We can thus ensure that only the best quality images will be used.
GSI-Gesellschaft für Schweißtechnik International, Duisburg,
Claudia Sander, PR - Graphics
Hamilton is a customer of Picturepark DAM softwarePicturepark is the ideal tool for our global network. It is very easy to use. Upon it’s launch we were able to cut costs as well as get our pictures out to our markets in a much faster way!Hamilton Watches, Inga Aellen, Head of Communication
Lonza is a customer of Picturepark DAM softwarePicturepark allows us to provide our employees with pictures and documents in an ideal way.Due to the user-friendly user interface and uncomplicated management, users are able to independently download pictures in the required quality without losing time, due to the strong search function.Lonza AG, Ines Savini, Head of Advertising
Marti is a customer of Picturepark DAM softwarePicturepark allows us to simply and efficiently provide our subsidiary companies with visual materials. By linking construction sites to the MAM solution, access to the latest pictures becomes much easier. We see the ease of use, high-performance search and the efficient exchange of images, inside or outside of the Marti group, as the central advantages of the MAM solution.Marti Contractors Ltd., Sascha Zingg, IT Project Manager
Mettler Toledo is a customer of Picturepark DAM softwareThe internal advertisting agency offers its internal customers, around the world, direct access to the available stock photos with Picturepark. The agency has the quality of the images under control and saves themselves, and clients, a lot of time, that has previously spent on searching for images.Mettler-Toledo International Inc., Daniel Kreienbühl, Head of Advertising Agency
Rieter is a customer of Picturepark DAM softwareThanks to Picturepark search time for a particular asset has dicreased substantially and marketing staff is relieved from picture searches ordered by third parties.Rieter AG, Nicole Balhuber, Project Manager Marketing
Siegfried is a customer of Picturepark DAM softwarePicturepark guarantees us a consistent and qualitatively high-grade pictorial language and, as a tool, thus supports our carefully maintained corporate identity.Siegfried Ltd., Peter A. Gehler, Chief Communication Officer
Somfy is a customer of Picturepark DAM softwarePicturepark helps us to save time. The intuitive interface makes it very easy for everyone to use. This will allow our clients to choose and download pictures themselves in future. Especially, the shopping cart function and the sending of the images via an email link have convinced us.Somfy GmbH, Mahmut Randa, Product Manager
Sunstar is a customer of Picturepark DAM softwareFor us, Picturepark is an indispensable and inexpensive tool for image management. On the one hand, our partners, such as the media and tour operators, have access to the hotel pictures and, on the other hand, we have a perfect solution for systematic image archiving internally.Sunstar Hotels, Stefan Hantke, Chief Communication & PR
Suss MicroTec is a customer of Picturepark DAM softwareAs a globally operating company, employees, partners and external agencies of SUSS Microtec are dependent on being able to access our marketing material at any time and from anywhere. The browser – based Picturepark solution is an optimal solution for us. The solution is very user friendly and allows quick and global data access without installation or extensive training.SÜSS MicroTec AG, Alexander Rebholz, Online Marketing Manager
TVNorge is a customer of Picturepark DAM softwarePicturepark has greatly improved the workflow for our press department. The press can easily find the images and videos they’re searching for with Picturepark’s powerful search tool. The webservice and API in Picturepark has proven to be a powerful tool for us. It has integrated nicely with Polopoly, our online content publishing system, removing the need for uploads in several systems, which in turn saves us time and money.TVNorge AS, Thomas Sørheim Lund, Webmaster/Designer
Kanton Uri is a customer of Picturepark DAM softwareWith the various functions of the Office for Environmental Protection, large quantities of digital images are used. To ensure that all employees as well as the numerous representative companies can use these for papers and publications, we looked for a web-based solution for managing the large volumes of data. Picturepark optimally meets our requirements. The user can search for assets themselves and download them in the desired quality and size. This also saves on personnel resources.Amt für Umweltschutz Kanton Uri, Edi Schilter, Supervisor
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